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A.I EVE-Q500 Anti-pandemic Smart Gate

by | Apr 27, 2020

Arcadia Anti-Pandemic Smart-Gate EVE-Q500 is a human body temperature detection and disinfection security door allin one machine, which includes non-contact body temperature detection and a full range of atomization and disinfection functions. Disinfection reduces risk. People whose body temperature exceeds the standard will trigger an alarm to indicate that the body temperature exceeds the standard. This device can be widely used in public transportation, schools, government departments and various occasions in society to detect body temperature and prevent new coronavirus infection.



* Create Safe Environments

Kill Coronavirus and exclude possible carriers

* Automatic Action

Detect temperature in 300ms

* Temperature Detection

The integrated machine uses a high precision infrared temperature sensor

* Intelligent Control Disinfection

Control the amount of disinfection, choose manual or automatic,

* Unique Face Recognition

434 € / moth

Leasing renting on 60 month contract + maintenance + warranty

We do leasing in all European countries.

Create Safe Environments

Kill Coronavirus and exclude possible carriers This device is a human body temperature detection and disinfection security door all in-one machine, which includes non-contact body temperature detection and a full range of atomization and disinfection functions.

Automatic Action

Detect temperature in 300ms Disinfect any person and the items they carry harmlessly as the user walks through Will disinfect over 1,000 people without needing to top up Easy to use easy to maintain stylish looking unit. Carry your brand or message in the LED display.

Temperature detection

The integrated machine uses a high precision infrared temperature sensor, it’s a noncontact automatic body temperature detection system, scanning the human face and performing high precision infrared human temperature collection at the same time, its fast and efficient. Unaffected by sunlight.

Intelligent Controls

Control the amount of disinfection, choose manual or automatic, the temperature to be detected and at what level the alarm should go off, the timing of spray actions, reset the LED and create your own messages and analyze your usage.

Intelligent statistics:

Automatically register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information; unique face recognition algorithm accurately recognizes faces, face recognition time 300ms Electromagnetic radiation: It complies with the emc electromagnetic radiation standard and uses weak magnetic field technology. It is harmless to pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, films, video tapes, etc.

Temperature measurement range and accuracy:

The temperature detection range is 30 30-45 ° C, and the measurement accuracy at room temperature is ± 0.3 ° C. The detection temperature set value is 36.5 ° C (adjustable), and the actual body temperature of the human body is displayed when the detection door is working. If the temperature is normal, the voice prompts that the temperature is normal, and the LED display on the door of the security door shows that the temperature is normal; if it exceeds 37.3°, it will alarm and display the human body temperature. The LED display on the door of the security door will show an abnormal temperature.


  • Size 1240 x 550 x 2200
  • Ships in a wooden crate size 2400 x 1200 x 800 mm
  • Weight 190 kg

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