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Arcadia Industries – About us

Arcadia Engineering  is a franchise and is a part of the “Arcadia Industries Group” (Luxemburg), established in 2008 at Belgium and Arques (South-France) and in 2016 moved to Andalusia Spain.

Arcadia Engineering specialised in emergency technologies and military equipment for home use and family protection. We are producers of luxurious underground shelters and cities, safe and panic rooms in your property, that are protected against nuclear, biologic and chemical influences by a NBC filter systems which can resist an EMP attack (electro-magnetic pulse). All our underground shelters are build in “Ancient Code” with high military specifications. Our shelters come with “stealth technology”, once fully installed they are invisible by radar or other scanning applications.

We manufacture three types of (NBC) underground shelters

  • Underground shelters , High Composit fyberglass, kalver structure (with Stealt Technology)
  • Steel underground shelters
  • Concrete underground shelters

We manufacture emergency technologies for home use

  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive windows
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive doors
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive secret passage
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive safe room for adults
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive safe room for children
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive we change any room in your house
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive underground safe room, appartement or villa
  • Security System EVE (back-up alarm system and controle room)
  • Military-spec security and self-defence robotica
  • Back-up generators
  • (NBC) Nuclear, Biological, Chemical filter protection in your house of safe room.

We manufacture Security drones and UAV

  • Military Applications
  • Public safety applications
  • Comercial applications

We manufacture science technology for

  • Nano-technology
  • Cybernetica and robot suit
  • A.I. of Artificial Intelligence

We manufacture for police, security …

  • Arcadia Amor Jackets
  • Arcadia Anti-Knife suite
  • Arcadia Anti-hack celler phones

We manufacture for military

  • Not available on this website





Our Story

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