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Arcadia Anti knife shirt

by | Jan 5, 2017

The Torskin slash resistant and stab proof T-shirt with stab proof package 15J is a protective T-shirt is very light, comfortable and offers a good protection to the vital organs against stabbings, or against shards of broken glass or metal.
The cut resistant T-shirt is breathable and is made of a cut resistant material certified to cut resistant level 5 according to the EN ISO 13997 norms. In the most important places such as the forearms, this cut-resistant layer is double so that this cut-resistant T-shirt offers a good protection to the arms during a knife attack.

The Torskin slash resistant and stab proof T-shirt is equipped with pockets 5 which are also made from the cut resistant material, so that the cut resistance at these places is also double.
The stab proof packages in this Torskin T-shirt have a stab resistance KR to 15 Joules according HOSDB standards and are positioned in such way that they protect the most vital organs against stabbing with knives or other objects. . (15 Joule stab resistance is practically comparable to stab with a pocket knife)
Three of these stab proof packages are in the front of the Torskin T-shirt and protect the lungs, the heart and the peritoneal cavity.
Two of the stab proof packages are created in the back of the Torskin T-shirt and protect the spine and kidneys.
The Torskin slash resistant and stab proof T-shirt are made by Sioen Armour Technology and these protective T-shirts are intent for the market of personal protective equipment and are officially certified according to the most recognized official standards and are suitable, for personal protection in industrial applications and for personal defense
Torskin T-shirt are intend for: police services, security services, fire services, glass industry, metal industry, personal defense…
The Torskin T-shirts may be washed at 30 ° after the removal of the stab proof packages. The stab-resistant packages can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

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