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Arcadia E-Block unbreakable Walls

by | Apr 12, 2020

You prefer a new construction method and plan or place constructions separately from well-trodden paths. As an innovative ICF system, e-Block is your partner. ICF stands for “Insulated Concrete Form”.
This brochure shows you the world of e-Block, the ecological and economic building system that has been successfully used abroad for more than 20 years.

The durable e-Block replaces classic construction methods. e-Block is a modular, CE approved, construction system. The CE approval, with no. ETA-07/0034, allows the application of our construction system in all European member states.
One e-Block consists of a double insulating plate that serves as formwork and that is filled with reinforced concrete after installation. e-Block is available in different shapes and sizes. This Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction system has been a proven alternative to traditional construction abroad for over 20 years. Empty e-Blocks are stacked on top of each other according to the principle of “toy stones”. This rough construction product leaves the traditional construction methods with fast construction or timber structure behind ecologically and economically. e-Block, the combination of two walls of high-quality insulation material filled with reinforced concrete, offers many advantages.

Eco living

Ecowonen stands for ecological and economical living. Building with e-Block is ecological and guarantees economical savings: houses, industrial buildings or other complexes built with e-Block meet the increasingly stringent energy standards.


e-Block is a green product. The formwork is made from recycled material and the insulation material is 100% recyclable. Because e-Blocks take up less space thanks to the innovative hinge system, transport costs are saved and you also contribute to a better environment.

Three times faster

Building with e-Block really progresses. First, there is the short delivery time, followed by the much faster construction. The number of construction days is drastically limited. While a classic construction can easily take two months to build, your shell construction with e-Block can be ready in ten working days.
e-Blocks are stacked on a floor slab or foundation strips and can be brought to the correct heights without heavy equipment. The low weight is also due to improved ergonomics in the workplace, which benefits your employees. In addition, e-Blocks are ready for use after opening.
Contractors work more flexibly with e-Block, are less dependent on rain and frost days and have less need for heavy equipment. Where freezing weather stops certain structures, e-Blocks can be filled with concrete even at temperatures below zero (down to -10 °). Only the top of the e-Blocks must be shielded after filling. Another big advantage is the standard size of an e-Block: at almost 244mm, it is almost twice as long as competitor products. Contractors who opt for e-Block simply need to install fewer blocks.

Super insulating

Thanks to e-Block, the end user saves on his energy bill. e-Block guarantees optimal airtightness of the wall units, which contributes positively to the K and E values ​​of the entire house. In addition, e-Block provides your home with efficient sound insulation.


e-Block constructions are much more stable and sturdy than constructions built with traditional construction methods.

Fire resistance

e-Block has a higher fire resistance than high-speed brick or timber frame construction: a standard e-Block has a fire resistance of no less than four hours.