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Arcadia Industries & Cranfield University

by | Sep 1, 2020


Since 2020 Arcadia Industries and Cranefield University have cooperation to make the new Arcadia Aerospace future drones, VTOL , UAV’s and UFO’s in nano-technology, graphine and DZ700 unbreakable coatings.

The Centre for Aeronautics at Cranefield University is one of the world’s largest centres for postgraduate education and research in aircraft design, aerodynamics, advanced modelling and simulation tools and methods.

The Centre for Aeronautics comprises five groups with specialist research interests:

  • Aircraft Design Group,
  • Applied Aerodynamics Group,
  • Advanced Engineering Design Group,
  • Dynamics, Simulation and Control Group.


Arcadia Industries and Arcadia Aerospace Factory will be with Cranefield University making the follow projects:

  • Arcadia Aerospace (drones,VTOL’s, UAV’s, UFO’s) in Graphine Technology.
  • Arcadian Moon Suits 2024 (for European Space Agency)
  • Arcadia A.I Moon factory technologies
  • Integration Graphine production in Arcadia Factories (world wide)



Address: Cranfield University , College Rd, Cranfield, Wharley End, Bedford MK43 0AL, United Kingdom