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Arcadia Life Continuity Planning (LCP)

by | Apr 11, 2020

Arcadia life continuation planning is the safest life prolongation in Marbella. It is the process of creating systems for prevention and recovery of you and your family in case of a disaster/terrorist of homejacking attack or any natural disaster with potential threads to your family.

Any event that could have a negative impact on your family is included in the plan. Arcadia life continuation planning is the solution to continue or prolong your life affected by different levels of disaster, on a short or long term range using the Arcadia NBC/EMP shelters or safe and panic rooms.

The reason for working with the Arcadia Club is that this allows us to make a selection of trustworthy people that can use our services. “We don’twork for everybody” Our products are high-tech military and security survival technologies that are only accessible for private, exclusive clients or corporate businesses.

To get access to the unique service of SAFE ROOM and UNDERGROUND SHELTER, it’s required to be a member of the “Arcadia Club Marbella”. When you are a member you can choose your private service, tuned to all your personal or corporate specific needs.

“Et in Arcadia Ego”

As a member, a special agent of Arcadia Engineering becomes your personal LCP manager (6 months) The agent will look together with you, your family or corporation which level of emergency technology you require. After this you can choose which security level, continuation plan, evacuation plan, shelter, safe or panic room with NBC/EMP underground security you need for survival.

When you are a member, you have access to our private website sections with the ‘state of the art’ new emergency and security technologies for home and personal protection.