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Back-up Generators


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Install an energy back up for your property with our special Arcadia generators. Solar panels are usually the first structures damaged during home jacking or natural disasters with high speed winds, which can carry flying debris and are therefore not dependable during emergency / disaster situations. It is this history that created the need for Arcadia Engineering to design, engineer and manufacture the MAG units (Military Arcadia Generators) which are used for energy back up for your property.

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The S.C.U.P.P. units are completely self-contained heavy grade, composite, structural fiberglass electric power generation plants designed to provide life support for Arcadia Engineering underground NBC shelters. They can be used to provide backup power for other uses. The S.C.U.P.P. units have a double wall fuel tank and diesel generator. Unlike conventional electric generating plants, everything is below ground. The SCUPP units have been designed to operate when other sources of power are damaged or destroyed, such as electrical power lines, solar panels, wind generators which as usually the first structures to be affected during sever climate conditions and disaster situations. The hatch dome and generator access cover are aerodynamically manufactured to resist flying debris in up to 300-mph winds. In addition, they can withstand an earthquake measuring 8.5 on the Richter scale with no damage, and can survive 5-psi negative pressure from a Tornado and a 20- psi overpressure from modern weapon detonations. The S.C.U.P.P. units are normally supplied with a 10KW diesel generator, with an option for a generator up to 200 KW.


The S.C.U.P.P. 400 / 10 kw Fiberglass Underground Power Generator



The S.C.U.P.P. 2500 / 100 kw Underground Fiberglass Power Generator, remote start & hydraulic hatch opening

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