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NBC Air Filters

by | Mar 25, 2020

ANTI-PANDEMIC NBC (Nuclear, Biological Chemical) protection AIR-Filters for your house, panic room, bunker, or bomb shelter only goes part of the way to protecting your family and possessions. In the event of a nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, you need to be able to control the environment inside your protected space. Castellex fallout shelter ventilation systems are built to give maximum peace of mind. They will operate efficiently in critical situations, and provide permanent protection for everyday installations such as homes in areas with a high allergen or pollution count.

By creating a positive air pressure within the protected area, your Arcadia nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) filtration system makes it impossible for tainted air to enter the room without passing through the ventilation unit: a system of filters working at 99.99% accuracy to remove particles down to 0.3 microns (micrometres), thereby achieving the highest possible H14 HEPA rating. Power consumption is efficient and operational noise is kept to a minimum even in our most powerful models, which are capable of providing 500 m3/h for up to 55 people—at a noise level only slightly higher than conversational speech.


  • Home-Jacking with SLEEP GAS
  • Terrorist attack nuclear, biological or chemical
  • Natural disaster nuclear, biological or chemical
  • Future Pademic virus Ebola,Sars, Corona ….
  • When you llive near nuclear central
  • Daily Exhaust Gases and General Pollution
  • Allergies like ASMA …
  • Air Chemtrails


Arcadia using its vast knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing specialized air filtration systems for years. Now we came to help fight COVID-19.

Air40 Bio, Air70 Bio and Air90 Bio are our three latest air filtration stations designed specifically for domestic and small commercial market/ user to help protect your loved ones, employees, etc. from airborne contamination including coronavirus / COVID-19.

These filters designed to capture gasses and pollution like Pollen, Allergens, Fine and Ultrafine particles, Mould VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and most important Bacteria and some stems/ kind of viruses.