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(NBC) Safe Room / Panic Room

Our Arcadia safe or panic room is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business location to provide a safe shelter or hiding place in case of a break in, home invasion, tornado or terrorist attack. The Arcadia safe rooms contain communication equipment, so law enforcement authorities can be contacted at all time. Next to that a stand-alone spy cam system can be installed hidden in your house to be able to monitor the situation in any circumstance. Our Arcadia safe room can also be equipped with a NBC filter system and a Tesla based technology to withstand, nuclear, biological, chemical and even EMP attacks. The Arcadia safe rooms are reinforced with special fire retardant, bullet resistant and anti explosive fiberglass plates fortified with Kevlar. The whole system can be upgraded with a day and night operational drone which can monitor the environment of your residence or business location.

*all our saferooms can be also build underneath your home or workspace to ensure maximum safety !