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(NBC) Underground Shelters

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Living quarters from 4 to 10 people

The “Earth-Sepher (ES) 23 & 25” series of Family Solutions are a third generation NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) shelters designed, engineered, and manufactured by Arcadia Engineering. These units are an ideal solution for families that want to purchase a World-Class NBC underground shelter/safe-house to ensure their safety and survivability. These units can be easily installed beside a home or a cottage.

The “Earth-Sepher (ES) 33” series of Executive Solutions are NBC (nuclear, chemical, biological) underground shelters that offer un-paralleled engineered quality and safety. These units are manufactured to Military specifications and are ideally suited for the Executives that want greater living area and storage, to ensure the comfort and survivability of the family or a group of associates and their families.


Living quarters from 72 to 240 people

Living quarters from 72 to 240 people Both the “Earth-Sepher (ES) 72” series (and Ethos “Elite” series) offer a practical solution to Corporations who want to implement a Business Continuation Planning (BCP) scenario beyond small scale natural disasters to include large scale, prolonged time duration, disaster scenarios such as a pandemic, or another type of NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) or EMP disaster.

Living quarters from 240 to 3600 people

The “Sepher-Ethos (SE) 144” of NBC (nuclear, Biological, chemical) Shelters. These units are in high demand for clients that want all of the luxuries they are accustomed to designed into a World-Class NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) and EMP Shelter. The Ethos “ELITE” solution offers expansive living space, luxury options, and extended operational duration (+ 5 years) independent of the surface electrical power grid, fuel and food supplies.