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Secret passage or secret doors for home use

by | Mar 25, 2020

We consider every creation to be flawlessly functional yet also artistically beautiful. Every piece of lumber for our doors is hand picked by our carpenters to ensure that only the finest wood is used. Once built, our doors are stained or painted in our dust free paint room to ensure a beautiful finish designed to last for years.

Single Bookcase Door

Double Bookcase Door

Sliding Bookcase Door

Our custom secret passage in bookcase doors provide the flexibility to fit nearly ant style to match the existing decor of your home. This provides a seamless, invisible door option to your intricately designed rooms. We can provide the most intricate of woodworking and detail. Bookcases can be converted into cabinets (such as a towel cabinet) by including features such as cabinet doors. There are many options aside from the standard bookcase – for example, sliding bookcase doors are a common request.

Our ready-to-ship secret doors include an integrated locking mechanism. The door is unlocked by placing a magnet on a specific part of the bookcase frame.

Our custom secret doors provide a number of security options, including:

  • Panic Room Door Upgrade Package
  • Bullet Proofing of Door to UL standards
  • Advanced trigger options, including biometric unlocking
  • Door Vault Style Manual Locking System
  • Battery Back Up To Stay Safe Against Power Failure
  • Secret Cameras Observing the Outside

The most common use of a hidden bookcase is for security. A secret door provides unparalleled security. Unlike conventional safes or vaults a secret vault won’t point criminals directly toward your most valuable items. Bookcase concealment of valuable items (such as firearms) is popular, but there are many other uses for a hidden bookcase!

    • Common security applications of a bookcase door:
  • Entrance door to a Wine rooms
  • Gun Vault door for securing expensive and collectible firearms
  • Jewelry Security
  • Prepper vault, including food storage
  • Keeping passports and other documents safely at home
  • Precious metal and gold storage

In addition to the benefits of secrecy, secret rooms and closets provides vastly more space for storing valuables than conventional method of security. Rather than cramming valuables in to a limited safe, clients can store and display their valuables aesthetically and conveniently.