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by | Apr 11, 2020


Introducing the ARISTOCRAT underground bunker complex. The luxury line of  oor plans are designed to to offer all of the creature comforts of modern living while providing all of the same protections that come with all of our bunkers. These underground shelters couple both practical, self-sustainable living with lavish aesthetics and the comfort of modern living. This spacious underground bunker is completely customizable with limitless options. These units are also equipped with full plumbing / septic systems and wired for dual power allowing the bunker complex can run on or off “the grid”. This luxury bunker also has an above-ground “safe house” insulating the bunker entrance. The structure looks like an ordinary pre-fab building to the eye, but behind the standard sheet-metal walls are bullet resistant walls made of 1/2′′ plate steel and a heavy blast door. This door is double lined in 1/2′′ plate steel and it is equipped with a 2 foot steel plate dead-bolt locking system. Once you are inside the safe-house, it offers one more layer of protection for the bunker entrance. The bunker’s hatch lies behind a false wall. This false wall is made from 1/4′′ plate steel (like all of the other interior walls) and it’s dual purpose is undetectable to the naked eye. This wall will open to the bunker entrance once you release the hidden locking mechanism. Once you are inside the hidden “hatch-room” the door can be locked from the inside as well using 2 sliding dead-bolts.

  • Enough beds for 44 people
  • 10 Individual Master Bedrooms with Queen Beds 
  • 1 Above Ground Safe House
  • 7 NBC Air Filtration Systems w/Blast Valves
  • 9 Futon Couches
  • 7 Bathrooms with showers 
  • 1 Full Custom Kitchen
  • Full Size Refrigerator
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Counters
  • Custom Flooring
  • Large Family Room
  • Dining Hall
  • Massive Storage / Pantry Unit
  • Green House w/ LED Grow Lights and      
  • Auto Irrigation
  • Garage/Tool Room/Workshop
  • Laundry Room
  • Gym/Health & Fitness Center
  • Swimming Pool & Hot Tub
  • Sauna
  • Media Room with theatre seating • Game Room
  • Firing Range • Bowling Alley