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The Arcadia Industries Group

by | Sep 19, 2016

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  • Rue D’Arlon 4
  • L-8399 Luxembourg
  • LU 28031049
  • CEO:  Boterdael
  • Phone: +32.492.51.38.63
  • General Director Luxembourg: Eric Dujardin
  • Phone: +352.671.045.370
  • info@arcadia-industries.eu



Our Story .:.

Arcadia Industries  is the master franchise holder of Arcadia Engineering, Arcadia Aerospace and Arcadia Real Estate. established in 2008 in Belgium and Arques (South-France) by Belgian Family Boterdael. The Family Boterdael was the founder of Belgium UFO-Network (Bufon) since 1995 (Belgian Research Institute for UFO’s and Alien Technology) and have build there experience in 20 year Aerospace technology to create  after Arcadia Aerospace Factory (AAF). Till end 2012 was Arcadia Engineering the master installer for Radius Engineering (USA)  in Europe for underground shelters and survival communities. Between 2010 – 2012 they organised different prepper survival communities in Belgium, Africa and South of Spain (Sierra Nevada).  In 2017 “Arcadia Engineering”  was established as franchise in Marbella Spain, North-Africa and Benelux. In 2018 in Abu Dhabi and 2019 in South Africa (Johannesburg). Since 2020 the activities are expand to Indonesia and other Asian countries.

In 2019 Arcadia Aerospace Factory (AAF) was established as franchise in Belgium. To become the biggest Aerospace factory for unbreakable, bulletproof and anti-explosive drones, UAV’s and VTOL’s in Europe.

In 2019 and 2020  Arcadia Security Drone Academy (ASDA) was established in Belgium, Barcelona and Marbella.

Since 2020 Arcadia European Military Development Research Laboratory (AEMDRL) is private, young and independent research laboratory in the hart of Europe. Q Labo of Arcadia Industries. Here mission is to invent new A.I technologies to make are European world safer. European defence and new future technology our priority of the labs. Different independent researchers, student, engineers around Europe help with the daily development of our research. Arcadia European Military Development Research Laboratory (AEMDRL) work only for Arcadia Industries development European Governments or European Secret Services.


.:. In Europe .:.

.:. Arcadia Industries is since 2019 member of Eruopean Defence Agency to work on future technologies. Still we are the most youngest (under-dog) company between all the biggest Multinationals in our sector. But we have the biggest ambitions of all of them .:.

  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60% 60%
  • A.I Development 87% 87%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%

.:. Our Mission .:.

At Arcadia Industries we have mission to support European Defense in here research and development to safer and better world. Second inportant for our company is to support European citizens with new technologies to protect them for future pandemics, disasters, civil wars and terrorst attacks. We make also military equipment for home use, anti-home jacking, anti-robbery or total A.I home security solutions. The last and most inportant for our company is to make a better ecologic ‘Planet’ with new future technologies.

.:. Our Goal .:.

We are not going to lie that we have the ambition to become the largest producer of military defense in Europe. We go to make the future. With a big mark on A.I and its future evolution. We will make A-Robots for military and civilian purposes. In Aerospace for several years we have new range of A.I and UFO aerospace UAVs that we will be release in near future. We will become the biggest European Aerospace Factory that make unbreakable, bulletproof and anti-explosive drones, UAV’s and VTOL’s.  We reseacrh after ancient alien technologies that we re-use in new ideas, products and projects. Our Arcadia industries Factories will become the new future factories, that will be underground shelter factories to even the ‘Arcadia Mobile War Factory’  that be can be line-up in 24H in any batelfield in the world. 

.:. Our infrastructure .:.


(Headquarters – Factory)

Eindeken 1
2220 Heist-Op-Den-Berg


(Headquarters – Office)

Lichtenberglaan 1090
3800 Sint-Truiden


Rue d’Arlon 4, 8990 Windhof, Luxembourg


Mail: info@arcaadia-industries.eu

.:. Our Aerospace Factory .:.



Our Manufacturing

  • Design of drone and UAV’s. (for police, military or security)
  • Manufacturing unbreakable, bulletproof, anti-explosive drone and UAV’s.
  • Fixed Wing jet-propelled multi payload drone (300km/h)
  • Artificial intelligence and nanotechnology included.
  • Nanotechnology based drone.
  • Software, swarm, target pointing, follow target, target and face recognition.
  • Anti-terrorism solutions (drone jammers, anti-drone antenna, kamikaze drone’s).

Our Aerospace Services

  • Professional rent service; military, police, spy or body-guard drone pilots.
  • Formation for military, police, spy or body-guard drone pilots.
  • Formation for Anti-terrorism pilots.
  • Formation for Jet propelled Fixed Wing drones.
  • Formation of drone pilots and engineers for security companies.
  • Drone Rent service B2B for security companies.
  • 3D mapping for buildings, urbanisations, regions or total countries.

.:. Our Aerospace training centers .:.

Arcadia Security Drone Academy (ASDA) – Sint-Truiden , Belgium

Arcadia Security Drone Academy (ASDA) – Marbella, Spain


Arcadia Security Drone Academy (ASDA) – Moia, Barcelona, Spainnced settings.

.:. Our military / police training centers .:.

Arcadia RiskGroup Academy (ARGA), Belgium

Arcadia RiskGroup Academy (ARGA), Sweden

Arcadia RiskGroup Academy (ARGA), Malta

.:. Our products .:.

Arcadia Industries  is specialised in European Military and Civil Defense Research. We our manufacturer and broker in defense.

Arcadia Engineering is franchise and is specialised in emergency technologies and military equipment for home use and family protection. We are producers of luxurious underground shelters, safe room and panic rooms in your property, that are protected with secret passage and against nuclear, biologic; chemical influences by a NBC filter systems which can resist an EMP attack (electro-magnetic pulse). Also are filter protect your family again Anti-homejacking or home-invasion with sleeping gas.

At Arcadia Industries we apply ancient science, technology and our unparalleled global network of resources to the pursuit of Building Better and Safer World. Every day, Arcadia engineers, geologists, mechanics, pilots and more work the world to advance human interests and life.

As they labor, new emergency technologies, military technology, industrial security, nano-technology, A.I. of Artificial Intelligence, aerospace, technology modes of transportation and cyber medical advancements emerge and evolve before our eyes. We have taken it upon ourselves to constantly explore, expand and discover what lies beyond our own heavens.That’s why at Arcadia Industries we’re in the business of Building Better and Safer World.


We manufacture three types of (NBC) underground shelters

  • Underground shelters , High Composit fyberglass, kalver structure (with Stealt Technology)
  • Steel underground shelters
  • Concrete underground shelters

We manufacture emergency technologies for home use

  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive windows
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive doors
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive secret passage
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive safe room for adults
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive safe room for children
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive we change any room in your house
  • Bulletproof / ant-explosive underground safe room, appartement or villa
  • Security System EVE (back-up alarm system and controle room)
  • Military-spec security and self-defence robotica
  • Back-up generators
  • (NBC) Nuclear, Biological, Chemical filter protection in your house of safe room.

We manufacture Security drones and UAV

  • Bulletproof and anti-explosive drone and UAV
  • Military Applications
  • Public safety applications
  • Comercial applications

We manufacture science technology for

  • Nano-technology
  • Cybernetica and robot suit
  • A.I. of Artificial Intelligence

We manufacture for police, security …

  • Arcadia Amor Jackets
  • Arcadia Anti-Knife suite
  • Arcadia Anti-hack celler phones

We manufacture for military

  • Anti-terrorisme products
  • Underground shelters NBC
  • Anti-Explosive Safe units and containers
  • Anti-Explosive and bulletproof cars
  • Anti-explosive aerospace drone and UAV
  • Army exoskeleton
  • Military – A.I. of Artificial Intelligence
  • Military Nanotechnology